Acuity Index

Acuity Index is a fully decentralized, multi-chain, multi-key event index. Query results can be proven by light client.

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Enables true dapps ðŸĶ„

Fast, rich dapps can be built without any backend whatsoever, connecting to an index node provided by anyone.

Provable query results ðŸĪ“

Data returned from an index node can be mathematically verified using the light client of the chain.

Free or revenue generating ðŸĪ‘

An index node can be free to query, or require payments in ACU or the native currency of the index.

Multi-chain 🌏

Currently Substrate chains can be indexed. Support for other chain types such as EVM and Bitcoin is coming.

Reduced transaction fees ðŸŠķ

Less data needs to be stored in on-chain state. EVM smart contracts can issue events without topics to save gas.

Decentralized index discovery 🔍

Index nodes can be registered on the Acuity blockchain.